Copper Canyon

5 Days and 4 Nights

Upon your arrival: You’ll have just a short ride to Camp David in the 400-year-old colonial village of Ahome. (Not a two hour drive at night after your long day of travel to a distant hotel offered by other tours). Then, get ready for the trip of a lifetime that only we can provide. Dinner here upon your arrival, and after a peaceful night’s rest here in our luscious and secure compound, your journey will begin.

Railroad tunnel on the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad

Day 2: After a quick breakfast you’ll board the Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad and be off to the Copper Canyon. An eight-hour trip with some incredible sights along the way. You’ll leave Los Mochis at about dawn and the train passes through the Sinaloan Thorn forest life zone. This area is characterized as a cactus and thorn tree jungle and is very exotic in appearance. At the Agua Caliente Station, the train passes over the Rio Fuerte on a large bridge and enters the foothills of the Sierra. At this point the track begins to climb more sharply. Shortly after entering the foothills, the train crosses the spectacularly beautiful high bridge over the Chinipas River. Be sure to look down as you cross and see the foot and burro bridge suspended above the river hundreds of feet below. You will then begin to pass through numerous tunnels and enters true canyon country. Your first stop will be at Cerocahui where you will be greeted by a representative from the Hotel Paraiso del Oso. You will have lunch waiting for you at the Lodge when you arrive. The afternoon will be one of the most memorable drives you have experienced. I promise! Your host Doug “Diego” Rhodes and his wife Ana Maria have lived right here in Cerocahui for many years and they are personally acquainted with hundreds of native Tarahumara Indians. Their familiarity with the region and close association with residents will lay forth an exclusive opportunity for only our guests to explore a private entrance to the rim of Canyon Urique. Once in this magical spot, you can totally feel the wonder magic and perfect silence of this awe inspiring view. Upon the return trip you will be invited into an authentic Indian home where the family offers baskets and hand embroidered wares for purchase. With the sound of silence and majesty still pulsating through your being, Doug and Maria will welcome you home for a lovely evening in the rustic lodge and dining room that is filled with antiquities, fabulous photos and a panoply of interesting reading materials. You’ll sleep like a baby in the comfortable and homey rooms provided.

Dining room at the Hotel Paraiso del Oso

Day 3: After a delicious and hearty breakfast, an English speaking guide will take you on a leisurely trip into the small and quaint city of Cerocahui. You will enjoy a tour of a Beautiful mission established in 1684 by a noted Jesuit missionary Padre Salvatierra. Also, you will tour a girls boarding school and visit local shops. (It may be noted that Doug and Maria have worked hard to provide local children with a good education, and school supplies are scarce and expensive in this isolated area. It would be very much appreciated if you would include pencils, paper or crayons in your luggage and they will personally see that they are distributed to the schools in their region.)

Pre-school children who are supported by Doug and Ana Maria of the Hotel Paraiso del Oso

At about 1pm you will again board the train to Posada Barrancas, about a two hour trip up the Canyon. Upon arrival a representative, (usually Maria herself) from Mansion Tarahumara Hotel will whisk you away to her wonderful hotel which is just a five minute walk from the lip of the majestic Copper Canyon. A guided walking tour will start at about 3:30 pm. Once again, this is one of the most breath taking sights you’ll ever experience. Dinner is served at around 7pm in a fabulously appointed dining room complete with cozy fireplace and a Mexican guitar player that will sing you a haunting repertoire of tunes. The Mansion Tarahumara not only offers you a lovely and comfortable room, lobby and spacious veranda, it also includes an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, fitness room and a children’s playground.

Day 4:This day starts with a great breakfast in the dining room at 7:30.  Pack your bags for the return trip home this afternoon,  then prepare yourself for the “Rim Tour”, a short automobile trip to all the local view points of interest where your camera will not be able to stop clicking.  Boarding the train at about 1:30 for your departure to Los Mochis, you will again enjoy the breathtaking views as you travel in the relaxing and comfortable first class accommodations provided by the Chepe line.  Upon arrival you will be met by a representative of Camp David with your cherished memories of Copper Canyon still fresh on your mind.

Scenic view of the Mansion Tarahumara's private lake

Day 5: Unfortunately, we must say our good byes now, and we wish you a safe journey home. Thanks for joining us at Camp David!!! Hope to see you again some day.

Adios, Dave

Life is short but don’t short yourself on the beauty and friendly atmosphere we offer here. Our customers often become our lifelong friends and we do everything we can to make our customers’ say this was the best touring adventure they have ever had in their life. With the accommodations we offer and the warmth we show all our guests people always seem to say they wish they would have stayed longer so please consider our longer tour as a very nice option. If you just don’t have that much time this tour it is still the best you can get. I hope to see you soon.

Dave Warner

Mexico's Copper Canyon and Sierra Madres



Dave Warner, your host while you are in Mexico

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