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Dave Warner, your host while you are in Mexico


Hello this is Dave Warner your tour guide and host while you are in Mexico. I live here in Mexico all year long and travel to the canyon often. I am always on the look out for some thing new and nice to add to my tours. What I have made for you is the BEST OF THE BEST. Please keep in mind I can always change my tours if I find anything else that I know my clients will like and like I said I personally go to visit the canyon often looking for something new to add. Clients ask me about starting in El Paso and my answer is WHY?

From El Paso to the start of the canyon is a REAL long ways done by Bus which is not only a waste of good travel time but VERY BORING as well. You for sure want to start and end you Copper Canyon tour on the West side of the Sierra Madres were all the beautiful scenery is not mile after mile dried up desert with nothing to see coming in from El Paso side on a BUS ! Next be sure and know where you are going ! I see some tours that start in El Paso that are 8 nights long but only “ONE ” of the “8” nights are spent in the Copper Canyon and all the rest are in places way out of the canyon system in places like Creel and El Fuerte be sure and DON’T let this happen to you.

There are other tours that offer you lodging that at it’s best is third class with no Electricity or running water. I have seen some of the pictures of there so called lodges and when I went there to see them in person it looked like the front of the hotels old western movies with very little behind the front and what was there I wouldn’t have my clients staying there. Be sure you get pictures of the inside before you go there. I have clients ask me about going to the bottom of the canyon and her is what I came up with. I traveled down there last year to have look for myself and there was a BIG difference once I had arrived there. It is a LONG hard ride there and once I got there I didn’t see one thing I would go back there for.

There is one old Mission there that took me 5 minutes to see but that sure wasn’t worth the hard ride getting there and that is not saying anything about coming back out !! There are many more enjoyable things to do in the Copper canyon than spend two days riding on hard bumpy roads just to spend a few minutes looking at a so called lost Mission ! I say stay on the top and look down. In short to really enjoy yourselves stay away from BUS rides coming in from El Paso and stay in the two lodges I have chosen for service and comfort. Next stay on TOP and look down from the many beautiful vantage points on top. Clients also ask about native guides once you are there. Native guides all at all the lodges that you will visit as well as the Tarahumara Indians some right outside the lodges were you can buy there wares. If you really want to enjoy your Copper Canyon visit stay way from the large tour companies and go with my type of tours that all very personable with small groups.

What to bring:

Due to the wide range in elevation we will experience on our trip, temperatures vary widely. Most days are t-shirt-and-shorts or shirt-and- pants weather. But, it is possible to experience up to thirty degree changes in temp (F), in a single afternoon. Also, the opportunities for a wide range of other equipment to be used (i.e. cameras) are numerous. Hence, we advise participants to pack accordingly. Long pants and shorts will both be beneficial. Light jackets, sweaters,and sweatshirts will be invaluable, as you may take them off easily as the temp increases. Very rarely are gloves and heavy jackets necessary. Boots and comfortable shoes are recommended, boot socks are also handy to keep extremities toasty. Hats, sunglass, and sunscreen are useful on some occasions and are worth mentioning. Bug Repellent is always important when traveling in Mexico and further South. However, the bugs are usually scarce and not much of a bother. Cameras, camcorders, binoculars, scopes, and any other optical equipment is welcome. Encouraged, actually. Cards, books, and other such items might be useful on the train or on the road, provided that you don’t like beautiful scenery and good conversation.


Travel in Mexico is straightforward and easy. If traveling from the U.S., you must bring birth certificate, valid passport, or valid driver’s license to obtain the proper Tourist Card. Most Tourist Cards will designated valid for 30 days. You must keep this card on your person at all times.

Immigration and Customs:

You will pass through immigration at the first port-of-entry airport. This will be, most likely, Hermosillo. At this point you will obtain your Tourist Card. Customs will not be made mandatory until you reach the Los Mochis International Airport. Again, it is a fairly rudimentary and brief check, if no suspicious-looking items are packed. Use your own judgement on the term “suspicious-looking”.


We will provide transportation to the airport when you depart.


Gratuities will be handled by our staff. Gratuities FOR our staff, however, you may allocate as you wish. They are not required, may be appreciated by our cleaning and cooking staff.

Enjoy your Trip!!!!!!


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