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Dave WarnerHello this is Dave Warner your tour guide and I live here in Mexico all year long and travel to the canyon often. I am always on the look out for some thing new and nice to add to my tours. What I have made for you is the BEST OF THE BEST. Please keep in mind I can always change my tours if I find anything else that I know my clients will like and like I said I personally go to visit the canyon often looking for something new to add. Clients ask me about starting in El Paso and my answer is WHY?

From El Paso to the start of the canyon is a REAL long ways done by Bus which is not only a waste of good travel time but VERY BORING as well. You for sure want to start and end you Copper Canyon tour on the West side of the Sierra Madres were all the beautiful scenery is not mile after mile dried up desert with nothing to see coming in from El Paso side on a BUS ! Next be sure and know where you are going!

I see some tours that start in El Paso that are 8 nights long but only “ONE ” of the “8” nights are spent in the Copper Canyon and all the rest are in places way out of the canyon system in places like Creel and El Fuerte be sure and DON’T let this happen to you. There are other tours that offer you lodging that at it’s best is third class with no Electricity or running water. I have seen some of the pictures of there so called lodges and when I went there to see them in person it looked like the front of the hotels in old western movies with very little behind the front and what was there I wouldn’t have my clients staying there. Be sure you get pictures of the inside before you go there.

I have clients ask me about going to the bottom of the canyon and here is what I came up with. I traveled down there last year to have look for myself and there was a BIG difference once I had arrived there. It is a LONG hard ride there and once I got there I didn’t see one thing I would go back there for. There is one old Mission there that took me 5 minutes to see but that sure wasn’t worth the hard ride getting there and that is not saying anything about coming back out !! There are many more enjoyable things to do in the Copper canyon than spend two days riding on hard bumpy roads just to spend a few minutes looking at a so called lost Mission! In short to really enjoy yourselves stay away from BUS rides coming in from El Paso and stay in the two lodges I have chosen for service and comfort.Next stay on TOP and look down from the many beautiful vantage points on top. Clients also ask about native guides once you are there. Native guides are not at all the lodges that you will visit as well as the Tarahumara Indians some right outside the lodges were you can buy there wares. If you really want to enjoy your Copper Canyon visit stay away from the large tour companies and go with my type of tours that all very personable with small groups.

Camp David in Sinaloa Mexico is a once in a life time treat. It is like no other lodge you’ve ever seen. Enjoy some of the most beautiful sights and surroundings and the true atmosphere of Mexico, while you still enjoy many of the comforts of home. Camp David is clean, relaxing, quiet and surrounded by lots of trees and flowers.


  • We offer the most luxurious, relaxed, yet complete tours available
  • We use the best,” MOST EXPENSIVE ” accommodations in the canyon
  • We don’t have additional advertising or travel agency expenses, therefore we offer the most affordable prices on the web
  • We are the first to offer senior citizen discounts
  • We are local and established in the business community
  • We own our own facilities and transportation, therefore service is at its best and most competent
  • We are year-round residents, hence we are here at your convenience and can abide by YOUR schedule
  • “American Owned and Operated” means dual citizenship and legal work permits, rather than operating illegally in Mexico. Reservations

To make your reservations for the lodging up in the canyon takes some doing also. It is very hard to do over the phone for any travel agent. I go right to the office and make them for you in person including your train tickets making sure the dates and times are the one’s “YOU ” asked for.

Listen to what our clients have to say:

Dear Dave,

Congratulations! Your hospitality and tour of the Copper Canyon, etc. of Mexico were everything you advertised and so much more! My friend and I arrived one day early and stayed three extra days, enjoying lovely Camp David.

On arrival Sunday night, we were met by four barking dogs, an eager host and a delicious and hearty roast beef meal.

Our tour -12/22/08 to 12/28/08 was exactly over the Christmas holidays, which I never expected was possible. Tuesday, 12/23 we went to your lovely beach house on the Sea of Cortez. Wednesday through Saturday, Fran and I, and Gary and Pat beheld natural scenic beauty on both sides of the Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, experienced a Posada Service, a piñata festival and midnight Tarahumara dancing and Spanish Mass in the quaint city of Cerocahui. It was a memorable Christmas indeed! The next day we viewed spectacular Urique Canyon; then, all aboard to Posada Barrancas “the crossing of canyons” and two full days of rustic, comfortable lodging, excellent meals, knowledgeable guides and enriching and eye-opening cultural experiences. Copper, Oteros and Tararecuaro Canyons led us to enjoy Horseshoe Lake, the century plant, Raramuri cave homes and settlements, Creel, Divisadero RR Station and Marketplace and much much more .

Doug “Diego” Rhodes and Ana Marie, his wife were so informative and so enjoyable to be with. And, of course, you and your attentive staff provided delicious, plentiful meals, a beautiful secure compound, spacious comfortable bedrooms, and a well-run friendly environment. Thanks so much for sharing all this–and wonderful weather too-with us for four extra days!

Being animal lovers, we enjoyed interacting with your four dogs: Rocky, Poppy, Lucy and Muffy and with Yaki your monkey. We also liked playing cards and “coconut” catch with Paola and staff.

Thanks again and I look forward to a return visit.

Carolyn Milhouse


Hi Dave!

MargaritavilleThis is to let you know that we sure did enjoy our stay at Camp Dave earlier this month. You really have a nice place. Both trips to the beach were also very enjoyable. Although we have the Gulf of Mexico Beach only 15 miles away, we cannot ride 4 wheelers on the beach and in the sand dunes, cannot reach the beach by airboat. Your animals were also fun to be around.

Thought I would send you the group picture of our “Margarita Evening”.

Ray & Helen Wilder

Dear Dave,
We are truly grateful for the loving attention you gave us to make our Copper Canyon trip a reality. We came so close to canceling and we just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful time. It was so quiet and beautiful in the canyon. After leaving you Monday 4-5 at 8:00am, we had a great trip down the coast. although it ran sixteen hours instead of 8, we did make contact with Blaine and Kim the next morning and we had three hours by the pool, having lunch at Vallarta Torres, where we had accommodations. It was a neat bonus. Next time we come that way, we’d break the bus trip into two days and perhaps explore Culiacon.

Richard tells me we got one of your business cards with your mailing address, but at this point, I can’t find it. I have some pictures of “the birthday party” to send you, along with a great snap of your ”friend” the monkey, on her stand, in her diapers, watching the CNN news on wide screen TV.

Again, many thanks for so many pleasant memories.

Joyce & Richard

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say thank you for arranging our absolutely fabulous trip to the Copper Canyon, and the delightful day at the beach. We haven’t quit talking about it and are having dinner with Joan and Steve Sunday to look at photos.
With any luck, we will see you again.
Dianne and Ben Coopman
Dianne Coopman
Associate Director, Major Gifts
Midwest Division, American Cancer Society
N19 W24350 Riverwood Drive
Pewaukee, WI 53072-0902

We really enjoyed staying with you. We liked sitting out on the porch in rocking chairs , petting Rocky , etc. Perhaps we can do another, non-hunting trip together. I do like to go exploring, especially with someone who knows what he’s doing. You’re right, once you’ve seen the Copper Canyon area, you’ve seen it. Still there is more exploring to do than that. I wonder if the ATV would be the way for us to go or what?
Richard says anyone who gives you the tablecloth right off his dinning room table is like the man who’d give you the shirt off his back.
When I gave the cloth to my neighbor, Mary, she said, “You won’t believe this, but I just made a set of napkins the color of these green chevrons in what you just gave me. She was thrilled with her gift.
We will have some photos to e-mail you of “pretty bird”, etc.
Thanks again Dave,

All of us want to thank you for helping us have a great vacation. The Copper Canyon truly lives up to its reputation. We found the scenery spectacular, the Indians most interesting, and the hotels charming. Every meal, including the meals at your place, were excellent. I hope many others will have a chance to view the canyon. We already have said that we would like to go again. Good luck on your new construction ………..
Mary Beth and Nick & Kerrie and Dutch

Hi Dave,
I am writing you to tell you how much my clients, (3 couples) enjoyed the 4 night/5 day Copper Canyon trip you organized. From the time they were picked up by you at the Los Mochis airport to the last transfer back to the airport, they were impressed with your efficiency, friendliness, and excellent service they received. They enjoyed the scenic train ride and the hotels right on the ridge of the canyon were perfect! The meals were tasty and well-prepared, even down to the lunches you packed for them to enjoy on the train! I will feel completely confident in booking any future clients with you and your company!!

Warm regards,
Diane Dyson
Travel By Diane One

Hi David,
Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed being with you and
taking the Copper Canyon Tour. We’ll write more later but wanted to send a couple of photos.
Warm regards,

Copoper Canyon Testimonials
Copoper Canyon Testimonials Copoper Canyon Testimonials

Hi Dave,
Steve and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience we had visiting you and Copper Canyon. The scenery was breathtaking, the accommodations were first class and the food was excellent! Taking your airboat up the Fuerte river was a special treat. We would recommend this trip to anyone interested in an exciting, but stress-free adventure.
Give Yaqui a hug for me.
Sandy Kell

“Dear Dave, Just wanted to send a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the trip to Ahome and Copper Canyon. You were a great host and coordinator for us! We got back a couple of hours ago and the good memories are still rich in our thoughts. What gorgeous country! Hope you get the air boat transported and quickly in action. That should be great fun for you. We hope to see you again on another trip through that area with other friends.
Thanks again for all you did to make it a wonderful vacation! Best wishes, Jackie and Lionel”


We have just returned from Mexico… we spent almost a month there traveling from place to place. The canyon was beautiful… even the wrong way… East to West. I am sure your tours are great and I am recommending you to my friends who seem interested.



Hi Dave – got back late last night ….. I just wanted to thank you again for arranging such a good Copper Canyon rail trip for me with stays in the best hotels. Traveling solo proved to be great fun as I met so many different people, both Mexican and American – even some English! I enjoyed having the time to relax at the hotels, especially at the Paraiso del Oso, Posada Barrancas, enjoying sitting on the terrace there watching the incredible views and the humming birds, sipping my pina colada. Several members of the large tour groups that passed rapidly through came up to talk to me and said how envious they were that I had time to relax and soak in the atmosphere while they were being rushed from place to place and didn’t have time to hike or bird watch or watch the sunset.

I also appreciated our bird watching trips from Ahome and the exciting airboat excursion on the lagoon. The beauty of that location and the thousands of beautiful birds is something I’ll remember for ever. And thanks to Berenice for the great meals and I also enjoyed meeting all the dogs, the monkey and the parrot – and all your humming birds and orioles.

Many thanks to you and best wishes to Bruce. Good hunting and good luck with all your future plans. Jo


Hi David, sorry it’s taken so long to get this e-mail to you. We got to Phoenix the day that we left your place and then to Glenwood Springs the next afternoon (great weather). We had a great time at your lodge and the most wonderful trip to the canyon. The whole trip exceeded our expectations for sure. Have some great pictures (not all of Yaki) that I would send to you if you have a mailing address (like Mail Boxes Etc or something). Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Lynn Cary e-mail lcrfnd@rof.net


Dear Dave,
I thought I should let you know again how pleased we were with our tour Dec. 13th to 19th. Sheena and I have never felt so comfortable and at ease as when we were with you. The arrangements you made for our trip to the Copper Canyon were absolutely the best. There is no doubt that the facilities we experienced were” top of the line” The Le Mission Hotel was the perfect example of my impression of a small Mexican hacienda, courtyard ,fountain, lounge, huge fireplace etc. etc. Also the Posada Barrancas Paraiso del Oso without a doubt provided the most spectacular view we have ever had in any hotel anywhere in the world.
We met some wonderful people, of 7 couples we spoke to 1 from Germany,1 from London England, 1 from Sydney Australia, 1 from Amarillo Texas,1 from Bakersfield California,1 from Mexico and then ourselves from Canada truly a United Nations. There we were dining together in a beautiful dining room overlooking the Canyon.
Also, the personal attention we received at Campo David, including the food, the beach combing, the lunch you packed for the train and the tour of Ahome
were very much appreciated.
Dave, we haven’t stopped talking about how great it was for us Thank You Very Much , Gerald and Sheena Tanner
PS, Sheena says to give Yaki a kiss and a hug for her.

We get lots of emails and letters like the one above and we will be adding some of them here soon.

Your vacation with us is much more than a Copper Canyon Tour. Everywhere you look and everything you see all day long is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Beauty, culture, entertainment, comfort, cuisine, music, clean air, beautiful scenery, golden sunsets, and original Mexican customs, are just a few of the words our friends use to describe their vacations with us.

Call 1-866-247-3464 for more details.

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