Mansion Tarahumara Attractions

You will enjoy some very intriguing tours at the Hotel Mansion Tarahumara. Your trip to Creel will surely be one to remember, like a bustling trading post, this western-style town is filled with stores offering a wonderful array of elite shops selling Tarahumara-made handicrafts, such as woven baskets, wood utensils, fantastic fabrics and hand-made authentic indian drums. Tarahumara Woman selling small woven baskets
Odd rock formations near the Mansion Tarahumara There are also several interesting an museums to explore, as well as side trips to the fabulous rock formations including the Valley of the Mushrooms, and Arareco Lake. You’ll visit the ancient caves of the Tarahumara Indians and stand in wonder at the amazing balancing rocks.
The Rim Tour on your second day will include a visit to Divisedero and a trip to the Mansion’s private lake where you’ll enjoy a formal luncheon, complete with tablecloth and an outstanding menu prepared for you and served by the Mansions friendly staff. Mansion Tarahumara's Private Lake
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