Happy Visitors

Here are two very nice ladies that rode the bus down from Tucson, enjoying all my hummingbirds . Lots to see and do on the Copper Canyon tour. Come on what are you waiting for ?


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Some Recent Visitors

Here’s a couple that flew in from Tijuana to enjoy the beach as well as 4 nights in the Canyon. Come on while you can !!

Here's a couple that flew in from Tijuana

John and Carol Ann drove down here from Yuma for their trip to the canyon then took the ferry over to the Baja and back to Yuma. Any which way you want to come is OK with me!


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More pics of visitors

A very nice group of people that enjoyed the Copper Canyon and a few drinks before dinner here at Camp David. It’s safe and fun so come on down for a vacation of your life.

Very nice people

Boy, let me tell you, was this ever a FUN group of tourists that had a ball here and in the canyon too! Safe, fun, and affordable. What are you waiting for? Call or email me today to start your own fun vacation.

A fun group of tourists

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Update for 13 Mar

Here we have a very happy group. Two that just got back from the copper canyon on the left from Palm Springs and the other five are from Phoenix just heading to the copper canyon tomorrow morning after a day at the beach today. Breakfast FIRST!!!

A happy group at breakfast

Lunch at the beach !! Fresh grilled corn on the cob and extra large shrimp, all you can eat!!

All you can eat lunch

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Update 2/12/2012

This was a very nice couple that rode the bus down from Tucson to enjoy a nice tour of the copper canyon. Lots of spaces open and this is part of the best time weathe-wise to visit, so come on!

This was a very nice couple that rode the bus down from Tucson to enjoy a nice tour of the copper canyon.

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Update 12/13/2011

More guest comments:

We had such a wonderful time on the Camp David tour of Copper Canyon. Despite press to the contrary we always felt safe and well taken care of. Our host, David Warner, couldn’t have been kinder or more thoughtful. Supper was ready, even though we came in late our first night. Rooms at Camp David were clean and spacious, the coffee hot, and conversations fun and interesting. Our second day we had a terrific time at the Pacific shore, walking the white beach and exploring the dunes; David bought freshly caught fish for our evening meal, which was scrumptious, grilled with olives, tomatoes, onions.

The next four days on and off the train were full of breathtaking sights and learning the culture of the Tarahumara Indians. The guides reserved for us were knowledgeable, sensitive to our needs and quite fluent in English. We always felt very safe and secure. Our rooms, the second and third nights away from Camp David were literally on the edge of Copper Canyon, and the sight of the moon rising over that magnificent vista is never to be forgotten. Thank you, David, for putting together such a memorable trip!

Virginia S., New Hampshire, US
Bill H., Ontario, Canada

A Nice Morning's hunt

A Nice Morning's hunt

A Nice Morning's hunt

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